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Maintaining healthy and harmonious African Cichlids tanks is one of our many specialties here at Jim’s Exotic Fish, and in spite of all the horror stories that you may have heard about the difficulties when keeping african cichlids, there are tricks to help with your success when keeping these vibrant and personable fish.


African Cichlids Tanks | The Steps For Success

  • Feeding Requirements – African Cichlids tanks have very simple feeding requirements. You can feed them frozen or flake food, depending on your budget and how vivid you want their coloration to be. One of the most important factors when trying to bring out the full potential coloration of African cichlids is the type and variety of food you use to feed them. Try to give them a variety of both frozen and flake food, and you can even mix in some live brine shrimp if you have the access. Never feed them black worms or blood worms, Feeding Africans bloodworms can bring about a syndrome known as Malawi Bloat, which will turn your prized African Cichlid fish belly up before you have time to realize what you did wrong.
  • Water Quality – It’s very easy to keep your African cichlids tanks clean through regular once a month water changes. African cichlids tanks appreciate a somewhat alkaline PH, but conventional tap water with a little bit of a marine buffer for alkalinity is more than enough to maintain this.
  • Environment – African Cichlids (Whether Lake Malawi or Lake Tanganyika Cichlids) appreciate a good deal of room to swim around in. But More often than not in a spacious aquarium the fish will fall into a sort of hierarchical structure with one male dominating the tank and achieving full coloration and the other fish falling in line behind him. A good way to keep everyone in the tank well occupied is to add as many African Cichlids to the tank as your filters can handle. This creates a sort of territory confusion and cuts down on the agressive behavior of the more dominant fish in your African cichlids tanks.

Keeping and maintaining African cichlids tanks is a rewarding way to introduce yourself to the freshwater aquarium fish hobby, and the vast majority of African Cichlids have enough personality to fill an entire tank all by themselves. If you take the proper steps to provide and maintain the right environment in african cichlids tanks then you will find that they make lively and vibrant freshwater aquarium pets for quite some time.

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