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We all know how important the use of live fare has become when choosing reef aquarium food, and we here at Jims Exotic Fish are proud to announce that we will be carrying some fantastic new products from Reef Nutrition.

reef aquarium food
1 ) Fuzzy-Phyte - Probably one of the least touted products from this company, but easily my favorite, Fuzzy-Phytes are small clumps of filamentous red macro algae.  These little spots of nutrition are excellent for tangs, angels, and any other herbivorous or omnivorous fish.  They float in the water column eliciting an immediate feeding response, rather than needing to be found and grazed from the rock.  Best of all, this particular macro algae only thrives in super nitrate rich water, so its virtually impossible for it to take over your aquarium. This is a superior alternative to dried seaweed sheets which dissolve and shred in your tank when uneaten.

reef aquarium food

2 ) Arcti-Pods – Arcti-Pods are super sized copepods great for small fish, planktivores, and LPS corals.  Because these copepods are harvested from cold Arctic waters, they’re rich in omega-3 and -6 fatty acids excellent for keeping your fish fat and happy.  They’re also rich in carotenoids (the same thing found in krill) which is excellent for your animals’ coloration.  These are smaller than adult brine shrimp but far more nutritious.

reef aquarium food

3 )  Oyster-Feast – When it comes to feeding your corals, nothing is better than oyster eggs.  This stuff is the equivalent of coral steroids. Try this in your reef just once and you’ll immediately see the difference.  The feeding response evoked by oyster eggs is so strong, even mushrooms and zoanthids curl up to eat. High in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids make for excellent nutrition.   Perfectly sized for SPS, LPS, Soft Corals, and many other filter feeding invert.

reef aquarium food

4 ) Phyto-Feast and Phyto-Feast Live – Phytoplankton forms the base of almost every food chain existing in the ocean, effectively making it the building blocks of the reef ecosystem.  With that in mind, it only makes sense that it should be an essential coral food. Phytoplankton is the smallest food consumed by corals with no comparable substitute.  Available both as a refrigerated preserve and a live culture.

reef aquarium food

5 ) Roti-Feast – Rotifers have been a coral food standby for years, and Roti-Feast is no different.  Gut-loaded with phytoplankton for superior nutrition, Roti-Feast is perfect for most hard corals.

reef aquarium food

6 ) Tigger-Pods – Most reef keepers are already familiar with Tigriopus califoricus, the bright red copepods frequently found darting around in bottles.  Tigger-Pods make a great food for finicky eaters like mandarins and small pipefish, as well as working as tiny scavengers in the aquarium.  If provided with adequate live rock or a refugium, they will proliferate quickly in a healthy environment.

reef aquarium food

7 ) Macro-Feast – Live cultures of the macro algae Gracilaria pacifica that can be used either as a supplement for tangs, angels, and other herbivorous/omnivorous fish, or placed in a refugium to aid in the control of nutrients.


8 ) Mysis-Feast – NEW! This isn’t even in stores yet, but starts shipping in October.  Mysis-Feast takes P.E.Mysis (these two companies are working together for this product), and provides it in a rinsed and thawed format that is easier for aquarists to handle, especially in a small environment.  For those of you not familiar with P.E.Mysis, its a larger mysis shrimp than most frozen foods offer, super rich in Omega-3, and flash frozen for excellent nutrition retainment. Read more here:

Note: As of (09/26/10) we do not have Fuzzy-Phytes, Macro-Feast, or Mysis-Feast in stock.  The Fuzzy-Phytes were delayed but WILL be on our next order (mid October), as will Mysis-Feast.  I will probably be bringing in Macro-Feast in small quantities as well.

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