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Our New Saltwater Coral Reef | Progress Report

  Wow, what a month here at Jim’s Exotic Fish! April brings rain, taxes, and spring break… For us at here at the store, its a huge month. We’ve have been working hard daily to get our new coral reef system completed and it seems to be taking forever to get it up and running. […]

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Ask Jim | Exotic Fish Diseases

  It’s every aquarist’s biggest fear; you look in your fish tank and there it is, little white spots on your favorite exotic fish…now what? When treating exotic fish diseases, first things first, don’t panic! Check all of the other inhabitants of your aquarium so you can asses the extent of the infection. Start with […]

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Ask Jim | LED Aquarium Lighting

LED Aquarium Lighting is The Best Thing to Happen to Corals Since Saltwater! Wow! new technology is so cool… We have been using some of new Light Emitting Diode (LED) products and let me tell you, LED aquarium lighting is amazing! A year ago I would never have believed that you can grow clams and […]

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Exotic Fish | Saltwater Fish

Exotic Fish | Best Saltwater Fish for Your Aquarium Keeping Exotic Saltwater fish is a fun hobby to bring home. The fish can bring hours of entertainment to any household or office, and they are the perfect active animal for anyone looking to bring a little part of a living paradise into their living room […]

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New Aquariums | Buying the Right Tank

New Aquariums | Tank Material New Aquariums have got the fear factor nailed, they are  scary little enterprises from the start. The amount of things that can go wrong while establishing new aquariums is enough to fill the yellow pages.  Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to ensure that your new hobby of […]

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Aquarium Product Reviews | Reef Aquarium Food

Reef Nutrition | Fantastic Reef Aquarium Food     We all know how important the use of live fare has become when choosing reef aquarium food, and we here at Jims Exotic Fish are proud to announce that we will be carrying some fantastic new products from Reef Nutrition. 1 ) Fuzzy-Phyte – Probably one of […]

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New Aquariums | Healthy Bacteria?

New Aquariums | The Helpful Bacteria At Jim’s Exotic Fish we’ve been designing and maintaining new aquariums for over thirty years, so you might say we’ve learned a trick or two about the proper way to set up new aquariums and make them a life lasting addition to your home or office. Setting up new […]

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