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Saltwater Fish | Breeding Ocellaris Clown Fish

Tweet   “What are those orange things on my live rock!?” I remember vividly thinking to myself as I ran through my usual water change regimen. Though, I knew exactly what they were, Clownfish eggs! I have been keeping a saltwater reef tank for just about two years now after several years of freshwater experience. […]

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How To Build A Home Garden Koi Pond

  One Summer day in 2008 I decided (rather ostentatiously) to dig up my parent’s backyard patio and teach myself how to build a koi pond. The process began innocently enough, I took a long hard look at the dilapidated corner of the patio that had been partially eaten away by an old fern in […]

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Saltwater Fish | Seahorses

  Are Seahorses a Fish I Could Keep? I have an aquarium designed for seahorses which I’ve kept with success for several years. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, “Aren’t they hard to keep?” Let’s discuss some of the special needs I’ve found when keeping seahorses as pets. One of the […]

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