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Why I’m in love with Maxi-Mini Carpet Anemones

  I’ve never been a big fan of anemones in reef tanks. Having seen too often the injury they can cause on prize corals as they roam around the aquarium looking for that perfect spot, I was always weary of keeping any type of anemone in a reef set-up. However, in the last several months, […]

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Fish of the Month | Algae-eating Nerite Snails

Zebra Nerite Snail | Algae-Eating Cleaning Machines We first brought Zebra Algae-eating Nerite Snails (Neritina natalensis) into the store in 2010.  These are great little creatures that love to eat algae.  I put several into my 55 gallon planted display tank and they have eaten almost all of the beard algae growing on the rocks.  […]

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Our New Saltwater Coral Reef | Progress Report

  Wow, what a month here at Jim’s Exotic Fish! April brings rain, taxes, and spring break… For us at here at the store, its a huge month. We’ve have been working hard daily to get our new coral reef system completed and it seems to be taking forever to get it up and running. […]

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