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Keeping Exotic Saltwater fish is a fun hobby to bring home. The fish can bring hours of entertainment to any household or office, and they are the perfect active animal for anyone looking to bring a little part of a living paradise into their living room without all the hassles of a conventional pet. When choosing exotic saltwater fish for your saltwater aquarium, everyone who owns an aquarium must always ask themselves the same question:

How do that I know I am Buying the Right Exotic Fish for my Saltwater Aquarium?

exotic saltwater fish

There are many things you must consider when buying exotic saltwater fish:

  • Is this Exotic Fish Reef Safe?
  • How large will this exotic saltwater fish grow?
  • Will this saltwater exotic fish get along with other fish in my aquarium?
  • What does this fish eat? does it require live food? is it an herbivore or a carnivore?
  • How hardy is this exotic saltwater fish that Im buying

Keeping Exotic Fish | A Lifelong Hobby

The first thing to know about exotic saltwater fish is that they come in all shapes, size, varieties, colors, temperaments, and appetites, and some exotic saltwater fish that are sold in aquarium stores probably shouldn’t be kept in new aquariums in the first place. However, there are plenty of amazing exotic saltwater fish available that can make a perfect addition to a home saltwater aquarium.


Angelfish come in many sizes and varieties. The smaller “dwarf angels” from the genus centropyge are ideal for smaller reef aquariums, though they have been known to nibble at small polyp stony corals and soft corals. If you do wanna add these little delights to your reef aquarium make sure you ask us at Jim’s Exotic Fish whether the angel you are interested in is suitable for your tank and your live corals. Larger variations of angel fish, such as queen angels and french angels are never advisable as reef aquarium exotic fish due to their potential size and their notorious reputation for nipping at corals, they do however make hardy and breathtaking additions to any larger fish only saltwater aquarium.


Surgeonfish (or Tangs as they are commonly called) are very popular and prolific exotic saltwater fish in the aquarium trade. You may recognize the variety of blue tang from the animated disney movie “Finding Nemo.” Blue Tangs, Yellow Tangs and all manner of surgeonfish are readily available at jim’s exotic fish, and they make fantastic and hardy reef safe additions to your home or office exotic fish tank. Their feeding requirements are minimal, all they ask is that you supplement their regular food with some macro algae supplements from time to time.


You all may recognize the clownfish as the title character from the aforemetioned disney movie, but perhaps you didn’t know that there are several different varieties of clownfish besides the “ocellaris” variety of “finding nemo” fame. All clownfish are ideally suited to reef aquariums, and their easy feeding requirements and hardiness make them very maintenance low additions to your exotic saltwater fish aquarium. Ask someone at jim’s exotic fish if you have any questions regarding the type of clown you want to buy.

Trigger Fish

By and Large, trigger fish do not make good reef aquarium exotic fish. However they are fantastic exotic fish in their own right with remarkable personalities and very minimal feeding and maintenance requirements. Ask one of our helpful strore associates whether the trigger you have your eyes on is known for being particularly aggressive.

Keeping exotic saltwater fish in your home aquarium is a rewarding and engaging hobby that is guaranteed to bring hours upon hours of entertainment to you and you family and friends throughout the life of your aquarium. There are many varieties of exotic saltwater fish with temperaments as varied as their colors. Be sure to ask specific questions of our jim’s exotic fish staff before you make a purchase and bring your new friend home to your exotic saltwater aquarium.

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