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Fluval Spec — A New Nano Aquarium

The Fluval “Spec” is a new (2010) nano aquarium from Rolf C. Hagen Corp.  Measuring in at 6.75 x 10 x 8.75, it is one of the smallest self-contained, fully filtered nano aquariums on the market.  Made of glass, with brushed aluminum edges, it has a pleasing appearance, neat and compact, that looks great on a desk, dresser or any space you might like to bring a touch of life to.


Fluval Spec 2 Gallon Nano Aquarium

Jason's Spec for his Betta


Keeping the Spec clean is a unique 3 stage filtratrion system.  The first stage (mechanical) is accomplished with an oversized foam filter block.  It completely fills the chamber trapping debri as water is pulled through it..  The block has two cutouts which holds the carbon (second stage) and BioMax(third stage) inserts.  The  second stage filtration(chemical) is handled by the carbon which pulls inpurities, odor, and discolorations from the water, keeping it clear.  The third stage is biological.  The BioMax insert enhances biological filtration by providing more “growing room” for the beneficial bacteria which aid in the nitrification of fish waste.   Water is pulled through these chambers by a tiny, but powerful (40gph), circulating pump and pushed back into the aquarium through an adjustable nozzle.  This system is very effective at keeping the environment clean.


Fluval Spec 3 Stage Filtration

Box picture of Fluval Spec 3 stage filtration and circulation


Topping off the Spec is a 31 Watt bulb LED light fixture with a flexible gooseneck to make positioning simple and easy.  It also has its own on/off switch and attaches to the Spec with a balanced screw mount.


Fluval Spec LED lighting

Box picture Fluval Spec LED lighting


Fluval Spec LED Lighting

Our Fluval Spec showing gooseneck and LED lighting


We have our Spec at the store set up as a nano saltwater environment ( April 2011).  We have a  Dwarf Banded Coral Shrimp, a Circus Goby, a small Toadstool Leather, a few small Red Mushrooms, a Hermit Crab and Cerith Snail living in it.  Water changes are done twice a week.


Fluval Spec Saltwater Nano Tank

Our Fluval Spec Saltwater Nano Tank


I have been very happy with our store Spec and am even thinking of setting up a second one as a freshwater display.  They are really nice to look at and very easy to keep up.  We normally price them at $59.99, but we like them so much that we are giving one away with our win a free fish tank drawing at the end of June 2011. 

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