Jim’s Best Practices in Fish Keeping


With over 33 years of fish keeping experience, we’ve learned a couple tricks of the trade that we feel are key to maintaining a healthy and happy fish aquarium.

1. Get good equipment for your tank – we recommend always going with a larger filter than what is suggested for the size of the aquarium

2. Take time to cycle your tank – don’t rush into adding too many fish as you will undoubtedly lose some of them.

3. Don’t overstock once the tank is cycled – stick to the general rule of one inch of fish per gallon

4. Make sure to have a decent cleaning crew in order to keep algae under control

5. Keep temperature consistent

6. Don’t overfeed – stick to only feeding once a day with as much as they will consume in 30 seconds. They may appear to be hungry ALL the time, but only need to be fed once a day.

7. Do water-changes at least once a month – but don’t do more than 25% as you don’t want to destroy your bacteria bed

8. Change filter items on a monthly basis. Most carbons only last for 30 days and sponges can be a source of high nitrates so make sure to replace your carbon once a month and at minimum wash out any filter sponges.

9. Never use soap around the aquarium. Always treat water with chlorine removers. Additionally, stay away from strong fragrances – perfumes, candles, cleaning supplies, etc as these can cause devastation in a tank, especially if the carbon is old.

10. Enjoy your fish! Your tank is a living piece of art so have fun with it!

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