New Aquariums | Healthy Bacteria?

New Aquariums | The Helpful Bacteria

At Jim’s Exotic Fish we’ve been designing and maintaining new aquariums for over thirty years, so you might say we’ve learned a trick or two about the proper way to set up new aquariums and make them a life lasting addition to your home or office. Setting up new aquariums can be quite an undertaking, but with the proper guidance you too can experience the joy that can only come from creating a living work of art and bringing it into your home.

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New Aquariums | The Biology


The First thing you have to know about setting up new aquariums is that the fish and corals in your tank are not the only living thing you will be dealing with when setting up new aquariums, plenty of microscopic critters play a vital role in the health of your fishtank.



Nitrosomonas are extremely important bacterium that grow  in new aquariums. Millions upon millions of them thrive on the pleats of your bio-wheel, on the bio-balls of your wet dry filter, and in the very sand and rocks that fill your new aquariums and make them so beautiful to look at. The main function of nitrosomonas in new aquariums is to process ammonia (fish waste) into less harmful nitrite through natural metabolism, but they are not the only creatures at work here…



Nitrobacters are another type of beneficial bacteria that also live in the biological filter in new aquariums. Like Nitrosomonas, Nitrobacters help to process the waste that builds up in new aquariums through a natural process. Nitrobacters are responsible for converting the harmful nitrites that the Nitrosomonas produce into a harmless algae fertilizer in the form of Nitrates

Once your little bacterial helpers have finished converting the harmful ammonia into non-toxic Nitrates in new aquariums, all you have to do is change out your water, and you will always be the proud owner of a healthy fish tank!

But how do these helpful bacteria get into our new aquariums in the first place?

tune in next week to for the answer to that question

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