Our New Saltwater Coral Reef | Progress Report


Wow, what a month here at Jim’s Exotic Fish!

April brings rain, taxes, and spring break…

For us at here at the store, its a huge month. We’ve have been working hard daily to get our new coral reef system completed and it seems to be taking forever to get it up and running. But like all great projects when working with exotic fish, rushing only leads to problems and delays.

Construction of the coral reef section is finished, and plumbing is now well on its way to full completion. With all the valves and pumps and fittings, our new reef section looks more like a chemical plant than a coral reef system.



We will be using severel newer state of the art LED aquarium lighting styles as well as some awesome flow systems to make this coral reef set up a top of the industry performing display.

Feel free to check in with us as construction continues and bear with us as or coral selection is limited to our temporary tanks. For the time being check out the video of where we are with our reef system currently, and take a look at just some of the many parts we have to use to put this coral reef display together.

April is a tough time for lots of people. Most folks are rushing to get their taxes done and mailed. If you need a break from all that, feel free to come down and just walk the isles of Jims exotic fish and enjoy the fish and beauty of aquariums in what we call a “fish break”. Your blood pressure is guaranteed to drop. Do some window shopping and see whats new and be sure to check on our remodel progress.

Spring break is a great time for students and family.If you’re going away, don’t forget your vacation feeder and try and do a cleaning before you leave. Call or come in and we will help you make sure your aquarium is ready for your time away.

If you’re staying home for spring break, it’s a great time to set up new aquariums or do your spring overhaul on your existing ones. A new fish tank is a great way to keep kids occupied and out of trouble. Aquariums teach responsibly and comitment and patience along with satisfaction.

Come by and check out all the new aquariums and awesome small setups for everyone at Jims Exotic Fish.

Take Care, Jim

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